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Questions to ask when choosing an IT company

Modern business enterprises no matter how big or small are heavily reliant on their IT infrastructure for their daily functioning. Selecting the correct IT support company can make or break your business in such a climate. Your IT support company should be able to understand your tech needs perfectly and then take proactive action to […]


Why Whatsapp shouldn’t be used at work

In-office communication is a key functional aspect of today’s offices. You can’t leave your cubicle to walk up to your teammate’s desk everytime you have a query. A digital platform where instant interaction is facilitated is much appreciated and almost a necessary requirement for the modern workspace. While instant messaging is a well-seasoned technology by […]


Where should I store my business data?

A question I’m often asked by clients, is “where should I store my business data?”  To which my answer it always the same…..”it depends”….. to which is often followed up by the next question, which is “which is the most expensive?”, to which my answer is, yes you’ve guessed it….”it depends”……

ISDN switch off. What should you do?

Since BT have announced that from 2020, you will not be able to purchase new ISDN services, as it targets the 2025 shutdown of the network, many questions are naturally being asked.  Will they really do it? What needs to be in place before the switch off?

Why working from home can increase productivity

It may paint a pretty picture, but working from home is not as easy as it seems from a distance, even with high-paying telecommuting jobs on the rise. Remote workers face multiple challenges on a regular basis, which include but are not limited to isolation, constant interruptions, unannounced guest, technical glitches and time zone differences. It’s obvious […]

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Hosted VoIP vs IP PBX – Which VoIP Telephone System is right for you?

Thinking of buying a new VoIP telephone system? Buying a VoIP telephone system has never been more complicated. 10 years ago, it was simple. Select the number of ISDN lines you wanted, choose between the leading PBX’s on the market (typically a choice between Avaya, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, LG, Samsung, Nortel), select the number of […]

Adding Voice to Microsoft Teams

Could Microsoft Teams bring us the ultimate in Unified Communications? Check out this article from UC Today: The more we learn about Microsoft Teams as the company’s flagship collaboration and communication product, the more compelling the offering becomes. For those in search of a hybrid approach to communications, the option available to bring a PSTN […]