In-office communication is a key functional aspect of today’s offices. You can’t leave your cubicle to walk up to your teammate’s desk everytime you have a query. A digital platform where instant interaction is facilitated is much appreciated and almost a necessary requirement for the modern workspace. While instant messaging is a well-seasoned technology by now – an instant messaging application tailored especially for professional communication has not yet been devised. One could argue that Slack does the job well enough, but the multitude of channels offered by Slack’s format can make direct messaging confusing, to say the least. Read more

More and more companies are taking to hiring remote employees as a cost-saving measure. Hiring remote employees mean they don’t have to extend their office space to accommodate a larger workforce physically. They not only save up on real-estate costs but also on the resources required to sustain daily office-comers. Read more

A question I’m often asked by clients, is “where should I store my business data?”  To which my answer it always the same…..”it depends”….. to which is often followed up by the next question, which is “which is the most expensive?”, to which my answer is, yes you’ve guessed it….”it depends”……

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It may paint a pretty picture, but working from home is not as easy as it seems from a distance, even with high-paying telecommuting jobs on the rise.

Remote workers face multiple challenges on a regular basis, which include but are not limited to isolation, constant interruptions, unannounced guest, technical glitches and time zone differences. It’s obvious that all these issues leave them frustrated and under performing.

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