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Do you happen to run a distributed company with offices in different locations around the world? Managing a remote workforce is no easy matter. You need to integrate company communications in such a way that every stakeholder in your business can seamlessly interact with you and amongst themselves to achieve their work goals as laid out by the company.

Virtual Private LAN Service or VPLS is an expert communications solution that facilitates network connections between multiple and remote geographical locations. No matter which location you’re operating from, all services in a VPLS operate on the same LAN. It improves the security of your connection to a data center or an off-site storage site.

VPLS is a unique technology which fashions a virtualised Ethernet switch that links several remote sites the same way had they been on the same physical switch. It functions to transfer non-IP traffic without having to encapsulate/convert it. So the speed, efficiency, and reliability of its ability to connect remote networks over one connection is unmatched by that offered by traditional systems. It can provide point-to-point, multipoint and any-to-any connectivity due to its mesh network topology adding to its versatility. In the end, it breaks down the complexity and enhances the usability of complex IP networks.

Layer 3 Technology

One of the primary benefits of VPLS is its ability to accommodate an inclusive environment and provide an infrastructure which can be utilized for providing Layer 3 technologies.

Other Notable Advantages

Now, the VPLS technology comes with its share of advantages. Some of these are –

  • It gives you, the company operator complete freedom as far as the routing process is concerned. There is no need of involving the service provider. You can affect changes to how this routing is controlled as and when required.
  • It is immensely secure, enabling the security of LAN over WAN. Unlike other existing technologies, it doesn’t share routing tables with service providers.
  • Since it functions on the base of a Layer 2 technology, recovery of servers in a DR location isn’t difficult. You can use the same IP address for this.
  • It provides more bandwidth preferences than that made available in an MPLS connection.
  • You can use VPLS to design separate connections for particular applications.
  • Facilitate information flow between offices faster and cheaper.
  • Less equipment required leads to reduced cost of deploying the technology.


VPLS technology

VPLS technology


Is it better than MPLS?

MPLS is another alternative to traditional IP routing. VPLS is often referred to as an improved version of the MPLS. Designed back in the 90s, Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS is a method that can be used to direct network traffic in such a way that your most important data is prioritized and transmitted without any delay. While traditional IP routing resorted to a redundant and tiresome procedure which involved reading the data for every packet before referring to its routing data to figure out where the data should be directed, MPLS completely sidesteps this complex process. Instead, it eases the task considerably by labeling each data package that it receives. So the router is saved the trouble of reading every package and searching for its destination. Additionally, it enables Quality of Service because of its traffic engineering allowing path protection at the same time. In lay terms, this means that if the data packet finds that the primary pathway is congested it already has a backup path which has already been determined for it.

There can be no straight answer to which among the two technologies, i.e. MPLS or VPLS is better. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. As with any communications system, it is your company’s requirement that will determine which is appropriate for you. Perhaps, you should opt for VPLS if security is your top priority. However, if you desire something a little more customizable – MPLS is your best bet.

You can always integrate the two separate technologies for better functionality. Doing so will lend you the best of both worlds as you will then have in your control a secure and scalable network solution that will be able to prioritize and transmit sensitive data adeptly.


If your business has offices scattered across the world – you could probably use the cohesion that a VPLS connection provides. With the help of a VPLS connection, you can integrate systems from various geographical locations over a singular LAN. As already discussed, the speed and efficiency of this technology is a significant improvement on traditional networking technologies which used a time-consuming procedure of analyzing every data packet before transferring it. Your company engineer can operate VPLS connections without having ever to get the service provider involved. Your company has complete control over the routing procedure ensuring complete safety of the information shared.

You may think of VPLS as an enhanced version of the older MPLS technology – but that wouldn’t entirely be an accurate conclusion to draw. Both techniques have their pros and cons, as with anything. MPLS technology enables data prioritization to a level that VPLS cannot, and VPLS ensures a safe network for data transmission more than an MPLS is capable of. Of course, VPLS has slight advantages being the more modern of the two. For example, It offers higher bandwidth range than an MPLS can.

The best thing to do if your company can afford it is to integrate the services of both technologies to build your company a communications solution that few others can match. If you combine VPLS and MPLS technologies, you will have access to a new and improved network solution which ensures optimal data security as well as is aware of which data should be prioritized. You have full control of the routing pathway that your company data takes, which now is much shorter than it would have with traditional networking technology. So, connecting systems spread over multiple and remote locations become a breeze helping improve company productivity like nothing else.

If you are using VPN’s over multiple internet connections, then VPLS could offer huge improvements and reduction in costs for your business. Talk to us to discuss your options.

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